This week is the final week for Congress to discuss the details of a final budget package. The vote is expected to happen on March 22nd or 23rd, but decisions about the final details will be made uncharacteristically early.

It is critical that CASAA members make contact, this week, with their Senators and Representatives and urge them to support Section 753 in the Appropriations bill. Or, if you prefer, just talk about the importance of modernizing the predicate date for vapor products. If the existing grandfather date is not changed, the vapor products that millions are using to live smoke-free will be subject to such harsh regulations that barely a handful products will remain on the market after 2022. (Realistically, we can expect to see the diverse market start to shrink long before the effective date of PMTA compliance)

Please find 3 minutes today to email and tweet to your lawmakers. If you have more time, please make a call. Simply click or tap on the phone icon at and we'll connect you with your Senators and Representative. Congress needs to hear our stories about how vaping has changed our lives. We are the human face and voice of tobacco harm reduction and we're not going to be caught in the crossfire between anti-tobacco ideologies and big business anymore.

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